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Our broker programs reduce turn-around time to give a streamline processes and custom tailored transactions to meet the needs of your customers; allowing you to increase your sales and continue focusing on your relationships, services, financial and business objectives.


Benefits for you and your company:


» Increase your sales
» Offer a wide range of services to your customers
» Additional services provided at end of term
» No Risks
» Increase customer loyalty and establish new relationships
» Process may be controlled by you, or through IFG


Benefits for your customers:


» 100% Financing, including soft costs, service contracts and warranties
» Providing additional cash flow
» Conservation of capital
» Flexible terms & structures
» Easy to budget payments
» Tax & accounting advantages
» Financial diversification
» Preserve existing credit lines
» Ability to consolidate transactions
» Keep up with the latest technology and equipment
» Simple & easy process
» Quick turnaround time



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Truck Finance | Used Truck Finance | Heavy Equipment Finance
Truck Finance | Used Truck Finance | Heavy Equipment Finance

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